Sunday, October 26, 2014

Malaysia is a country of asians therefore sex is a very sensitive issue here. However, there are plenty of sex to be found here in malaysia therefore to those who are afficiandos of sex and what not can find their daily fix in the nearest hotel, just ring up a sexy massage and there, you'll get what you want. Not saying malaysia is safe from prostitution, its just there, like everything else.

in other news, those who are muslims should not be doing whores or girlfriends, just pay attention to life and wait for your girl to come. i said, it, its there. Islam is the main religion of malaysia so be nice to them.

This blog is everything about sex. ill cover everything thats related to it, news, products, whatever weird stuff i find. loopholes, gov and etc.

ill try to keep it updated. thanks for reading you horny bastards.